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Me & Clifford the Big Red Dog
Lisa & Clifford the Big Red Dog

I had a close encounter of the Big Red Canine kind the other night when I went to the Cary, NC, Barnes & Noble to sign the more orders for my books. Derek & I had gone out to dinner with friends and dropped by the B&N so I could sign the books, and then we all had baked goodies in the coffee shop. Well, it was family night at our B&N, and Linda Maloof their fabulous CRM (Community Relations Manager) and the lady responsible for offering signed books to my fans -- was there running the show and taking pictures of the kids with Clifford the Big Red Dog. And as you can see, I do mean BIG, so big one kid was screaming -- the others couldn't wait to get their hands on him. Naturally, Linda wanted a pic of me hugging Clifford. Now that's a photo op a girl simply can't turn down. It's amazing all the strange looks you get wrapping your arms around a guy in a big, blazing red dog suit in a coffee shop. I have to wonder what the guy in the dog suit thought of the whole author-hug experience?