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Book contest with prizes
The Trouble with Demons will be available on April 28.

Today I'm guest blogging over at Romance Bandits. It's a combination of an interview, the hot Raine & Tam scene that was posted on my blog yesterday, and a contest with a big prize pack. Plus, I'll be popping in to chat throughout the day. Come and join the all-day party!

Kimber An over at Enduring Romance has posted her review of The Trouble with Demons. Great review and no spoilers. Enjoy!

And over at Tempting Persephone is a fun review of TTWD. Pop over and give it a read.

MONDAY: I'll be asking a favor of all of you. It will REALLY help me out in a goal I'm trying to achieve with The Trouble with Demons, and best of all, it's something you all will be doing anyway. : )

TUESDAY: The official TTWD launch day!!