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Lisa Persky's Writings

Los Angeles Review of Books
LET ME SAY IT RIGHT UP FRONT: I've got a tattoo. I never show it off and if anyone happens to notice, they point and say, "Hey, did you write on yourself?"  I did, in 1970, draw an arrow that got tattooed there in all its spreading bluish glory, on the outside of my right foot, curving around the heel and pointing up toward my head. It couldn't be less...
Fortean Times Magazine
Actor and photographer Lisa Jane Persky pays tribute to legendary B-movie director, avant-gardist and esotericist Curtis Harrington, and reports from a very strange memorial service.        Curtis Harrington, dir­ector of famed weird B-movies such as Night Tide (1961), Games (1967), Who Slew Auntie Roo? (1971) and What’s the Matter...
Short Story
Eclectica Magazine: Best Fiction Vol. 1
My mom thinks she is making me independent, but I think she is making me strange. She makes me go out to play. She tells me to make friends but also not to talk to strangers. I am always trying to figure out how to make friends and not talk to strangers at the same time. She says not to talk to strangers because some people are really bad (like burglars),...