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Book Premise/CT Tragedy

Tragedy and Book Premise

     Yesterday our country experienced yet another tragedy.   Mothers will no longer raise their young daughters.  Fathers will no longer parent their sweet sons.  Teachers will return to their classroom with fewer students.  Everyone in our country is deeply saddened.  Evil has shown his ugly face without hesitation.  The public asks, “What could be more heart wrenching than this?”

     There is only one thing that could be sadder than the murder of young children.  Right now, in the face of evil, some people have given up their belief in God.  They have decided that God was not present during this evil event. They assume that if God loved his people, He would not allow such an event to take place.   These people have not lost their faith in God.  Rather, they have thrown it way.  They have deemed God useless like a piece of crumpled paper.   They are walking away without a second thought.

          I did not plan to reveal the topic of my book series.  Before yesterday, I planned to finish writing, publish and then introduce the books.  However, God has his own plan and the timing is unfortunately appropriate.

          God is present in all that we do. He is present in our past, he is present in our present and he is present in our future.   God is our healer.  He heals our past, our present and our future.   God is in charge of our health and our healing.

          People believe that when young children die, God simply chose to not heal them.  They believe he turned his cheek or looked the other way.  This thought pattern leads them to believe that God doesn’t love enough to prevent evil.  This thought is proceeded by the believe that God simply must not exist.

          The answer is this: God does exist. God does heal. God does love.  How?  God chooses WHERE to heal.  Not if and not when.  God holds all time in His hand. He is healing now. He doesn’t stop.  We need to realize that God chooses to heal some people on earth and some people in Heaven with Him.

           Yesterday, God was present in Newton, Connecticut.  He did not leave his children when they needed Him most.  After the evil subsided, God remained present. He decided WHERE to heal his children.  It is clear that God healed some victims in the hospital.  These people will continue their life on earth with God. They will celebrate Christmas.  Other victims were healed by God in Heaven. They will continue their life with God minus their physical body.  They will celebrate CHRISTmas.

          The premise of my book series is God Heals.  I am currently working on my first title, “Saying Goodbye to Mommy.”  This will be followed by, “Saying Goodbye to Daddy.” 

          God is an active God.  He constantly helps, heals and protects.  The children of Connecticut were not left alone of an instant.   Although many children had to say goodbye to their mommy and daddy on earth, they were welcomed by their true Father in Heaven-in their real home.


~My thoughts and prayers are with the people affected in this terrible event.