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Nov.30.2009 - 9:46 pm
On December 1, 2008, New York literary agent Lori Perkins teamed up with longtime publishers Holly Schmidt and Allan Penn, to embark on a literary venture that promised to be...
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Aug.19.2009 - 2:16 pm
Sex and Shoes
It took over twenty years of writing, finishing several novels, screenplays, and shorts, before I had my first taste of being an author. I began by attempting to sell my literary...
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Aug.17.2009 - 12:14 am
She Wrote WHAT?! I’ve known since I was eight or nine that I was a writer. When I wrote my first novel in my mid teens, I was positive that was my path was to follow in the...
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Aug.04.2009 - 12:41 am
Readers and reviewers agree: THE DARKNESS AND THE NIGHT trilogy takes vampires to a creatively new level, while still staying true to the vampire mythos. The trilogy is a work of...
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Comments from Lisa

Jun.18.2009 - 2:27 pm
In response to: Women Can't Write About Sex
I would invite Ms. Copstick to read my erotic space trek, LUST IN SPACE, and then restate her claim! I have written...