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Published by Publishers Weekly
Jensen’s second novel, a twist on the Peter Pan story which reconceives of Captain Hook as a tragic hero, shows how she’s matured as a writer since her excellent debut, The Witch...
The Witch From The Sea
Published by The Romance Reader
"A thoroughly satisfying romantic tale, filled with swashbuckling pirates, plenty of atmosphere, and characters who come alive. It’s a solid debut from an author to watch."
The Witch From The Sea
Published by Rakes & Rogues
"Lisa Jensen writes a highly enjoyable tale of Tory Lightfoot and her coming of age on the high seas. Her story has a little bit of everything - adventure, humor, tragedy, romance...
The Witch From The Sea
Published by Booklist
"Jensen combines action and romance in this gritty and realistic portrait of life on the seas."
The Witch From The Sea
Published by Book jacket copy
"The Witch From The Sea is that rare creation, an historical romance with guts as well as glamour. Wild-spirited Tory is an irresistible character."
The Witch From The Sea
Published by Reading Rocks, YA Fiction Review
"I am in love with this book.   No, seriously. It was awesome. Such an adventure, it was, full of romance and piracy and danger! The author writes with a deep respect for all...
The Witch From The Sea
Published by The Historical Novel Society Review
"Jensen's fast-paced debut novel stands out for its satisfyingly well-drawn characters and strong historical sense of time and place. I highly recommend this book to any lover of...