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Word, Image and Storytelling

When I was a kid I used to sit around all day and draw pictures.  Artistically, they were passable, but my purpose was not to make art but to make stories.  I would draw the characters, and some of the scenes--and then later, fill in the words.  Or not.  As a result, I still have newsprint stapled "books" from my childhood with nothing but hand-drawn pictures in them, next to empty pages still waiting for words.  

I'm thinking about this now, as I branch out from writing to making videos, because I think that what I was probably doing way back then was storyboarding.  It would be an interesting project to go back to those newsprint stapled half-empty books now and fill in the words, or use them as the basis for some other artistic project, wouldn't it?

What about you?  Do the images for your story come first, or the words?  

What I find exciting about video is that it contains so many different components-image, word, sound, rhythm, narrative.  I will certainly not abandon my "word-only" projects, but as an artist, it's always exciting to expand my repertoire of creative tools.

I've just completed another short video, the second in a series about the ever-inspirational nonagenarian San Francisco painter Leonard Breger, this one featuring his co-conspirator Harry Cohen.  In it, you will find music by Beethoven, a glimpse of Laurel and Hardy, sexy art legs on San Francisco's Bernal Hill, and some very important art questions. 

Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/artcrazy2fools#p/a/u/0/wGkYkZ72QtQ 

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Maybe it's because of

Maybe it's because of Facebook and the like, but we're clearly in the throes of an extremely visual age. Sounds as though you have a good nose for following that trend.

Best with the videos.