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Mar 2009

Lisa Gale Garrigues was born in Los Angeles and has lived in Spain, France, Switzerland, England, Peru and Argentina, working as a teacher, writer, translator and private investigator. Her poetry, essays and short fiction have appeared in Writer's Digest, Nimrod, Southwestern American Literature, Literal Latte, and other journals, and she has published three poetry chapbooks.A contributing editor to Yes Magazine, she has covered Latin American and Native American issues for Yes, Pacific News Service, Indian Country Today, and other media.  Her work has  appeared in Spanish in El Atico.com, Campo Grupal, and she was co-translator of the first Spanish translation of the folksinger Woody Guthrie's autobiography, Bound For Glory. ( Con Destino A La Gloria.) She has worked in film and theater as writer, performer, associate producer, and director, and has a continuing passion for photography.

She currently makes her home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

 Awards:  Nominated for Pushcart Prize in poetry. First Place, Fiction, Pacific Coast Journal.  First Place, Prose, Anthology Magazine.  Project Censored Award for Journalism, Sonoma State University.  


Piles of newsprint paper that could be stapled together and turned into books when I was a kid. The clackety clack of my father's typewriter in the next room, my mother practicing her lines for the next play, my grandmother reading me her latest poem. An empty lot across the street whose weeds turned into a magical forest, where you could sit for hours in the pomegranet tree, spitting seeds on the ground. After that, it was friends, freeways, and foreign countries.

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