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Jun.08.2013 - 2:06 pm
I live in the beautiful state of Alaska where my family and I roam endlessly.. This great state is where animals and men spirits roam free. I write inspirational poetry with the...
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Jun.08.2013 - 12:35 pm
1 https://twitter.com/inspirationlisa 2 http://www.linkedin.com/pub/lisa-miller/72/b4a/aba 3http://royalkees63.wix.com/inspirationbooks 4 https://www.facebook.com/...
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Jun.06.2013 - 9:42 pm
I am now on twitter: https://twitter.com/inspirationlisa I cannot get it to connect with this site.
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Jun.02.2013 - 8:28 pm
I am just gettig starting here. I am new. I am currently moving so I am up to my eyeballs in boxes right now. I am still trying to figure out this site.
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