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How to Be
Published by San Francisco Chronicle
Kids love to pretend. But maybe they're not as good at being animals as they could be, so San Francisco author and illustrator Lisa Brown ("Baby Mix Me a Drink") offers some tips...
How to Dress for Every Occasion by The Pope
Published by The National Post
As head of the Vatican, the Pope is a busy, busy man. Many pressing issues vie for His Grace's attention, among them the manner in which his congregation pulls together an outfit...
Baby Mix Me a Drink.jpg
Published by The Onion AV Club
FOR DRUNKEN PARENTS WHO NEED TO KNOW WHICH MITER TO WEAR TO THEIR OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY Baby Be Of Use books ($9 each) How To Dress For Every Occasion, By The Pope ($12) Every...
Published by Publishers Weekly
Leaping out of the frying pan and into the great white spaces of Brown’s retro-cool graphics, the latke screams even louder as it tries in vain to explain itself and its role at...
Published by TheFoodSection.com
With bright, bold artwork, Lisa Brown’s Baby, Make Me Breakfast and Baby, Make Me a Drink aren’t just collections of pretty pictures of food and clever rhymes. Instead, these...
Published by One-Minute Book Reviews
The bold line drawings and minimalist color palette give this book an unusually fresh look. How to Be would fit in well at the Museum of Modern Art gift shop. Yet it’s not one of...
Published by Salon.com
Here’s a gift idea for the new parent on your holiday list: Lisa Brown’s hilarious and beautifully packaged board books Baby Make Me Breakfast and Baby Mix Me a Drink (McSweeney’s...