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Librarian Preview: Sourcebooks (Spiring 2010)
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Betsy Bird
School Library Journal: A Fuse #8 Production

Now I don't tend to report on YA unless a publisher is small. And really, until now Sourcebooks didn't have much of a YA imprint to talk of. Now they've created one and it's called Sourcebooks Fire. And what book launches this new imprint and makes its mark? Well, I can't account for the writing (since it's teen and I don't read teen) but if the visuals are anything to go by Picture the Dead by Adele Griffin, illustrated by Lisa Brown, looks kind of awesome. It's a good old-fashioned Civil War ghost story with a spiritualist element as well. The book is illustrated throughout in this kind of cool style. Lots of ephemera splattered about the pages. You know. Photographs. Notes. Menus. I was admiring the art (which will be full-color in the final copy, ooh de lally) when I happened to notice that the catalog says that the illustrator, one Lisa Brown, is the wife of Lemony Snicket. The wife, I says! Which means only one thing to me really: When are these crazy kids gonna do a book together? Cause while I do loves me some Brett Helquist... come on! It's meant to be!