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Completed My Manuscript for My Poetry Book
cover of my book that I designed

Hello Everyone,

It is very exciting to finish my first full length manuscript. It is for my upcoming poetry book called, Echoes of My Soul. My book will be published soon by Casa de Snapdragon Publishing LLC. The completion of this book has been a long process, but I have enjoyed every minute of writing and editing my book. Some of the poems included in the book were written over 30 years ago, but most were written within the past five years. I would say that the majority were written within the past two years.

I am the Founder and Admin of Echoes of My Soul Poetry Forum I am very pleased about the poems I have selected for the book. The poems included in this book are a mixture of uplifting and dark poems. I like to write both types of poetry, so I decided to include them both in my collection. I hope that the people, who read my book, come away with a feeling of hope and belief that no matter how unsettling life can be, there is always light on the other side.

I am also looking forward to my next writing project. I am working on a children’s book and book about my late father who passed away two years ago after a long illness. I am anxious to begin writing the children’s book. I believe it will be fun to write. My sister is a fantastic artist, and I am hoping my sister will illustrate the book, but she has a very busy schedule. I know the writing of the book about my father will be very difficult to write and will take its toll on my emotions. I was very close to my father and his loss has-been very unsettling to me. I feel that wiring about him will ease my soul and bring some closure.

For now, I am having a wonderful time and experience writing, and I hope to keep things moving forward.