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Jul.28.2013 - 1:10 am
Echoes Book Cover.jpg
I am not the mother of a son nor do I have any children, but I have such empathy for Sybrina Fulton. I was devastated as so many Americans were and people around the world when...
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Mar.14.2013 - 11:32 pm
EchoesOfMySoul 3.jpg
My book, Echoes of My Soul, has been published by Casa de Snapdragon Publishing. Recently, I learned that my publisher has nominated my book for a 2013 Pushcart Award and for a...
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Dec.08.2012 - 2:17 am
  Hello Everyone, I have been very busy writing articles. I am now on 8 writing teams. I have been invited to apply for a ninth team and will do so in a few days. I hope I...
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Aug.19.2012 - 2:17 am
cover of my book that I designed
Hello Everyone, It is very exciting to finish my first full length manuscript. It is for my upcoming poetry book called, Echoes of My Soul. My book will be published soon by...
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Comments from Lisa

Jul.30.2013 - 9:49 pm
Hello Sue, Yes, I agree George  Zimmerman should have been convicted of murder.  As for Sybrina I am so glad...
Mar.17.2013 - 10:42 pm
In response to: On The Way To School...
very well crafted poem, I love it!
Mar.17.2013 - 10:35 pm
In response to: Pushcart Award Nomination
Thank you so much, Monty. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to comment on my blog post. I hope you enjoy reading...
Aug.19.2012 - 1:42 am
In response to: Memoir Writing: Looking for Memoir Writers and Readers!
Congratulations on your success! I am about to begin writing my first memoir, so I will be most anxious to read your...
Aug.02.2012 - 7:02 pm
In response to: An Existence
this poem will be included in my upcoming poetry book due to hit bookstores soon