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Tales, interviews, and culture/culinary essays that drew fans in border region papers and Harpers magazine, IMAGINARY LINES gives a warm, humorous, sometimes dark portrait of frontiers not just of the Mexico/California border, but of many invisible fault lines in the human condition: rich/poor, third/first world, home/foreign, male/female.

A rare collaboration between two writers across some of the more obvious lines--Catholic Mexican mother Ana Maria Corona and jaded American muckracker Linton Robinson--IMAGINARY LINES transforms the life stories of maids, matadors, gigolos, cooks, gamblers, and con men into metaphors for the vague but palpable fault lines that separate us, yet bind us together.

IMAGINARY LINES is a book celebrated by cover artist Victor Cauduro, one of Mexico's finest and most celebrated painters, and by Pulitzer nominee Luis Urrea, who considers it a "well guided tour" to the labyrinths of interculture interface.

Victor's paintings form the entire content of this video. His remarkable work can be seen on his website at http://victorcauduro.com

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