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Casa Grande, Arizona
Mar 2012

I am a newspaper editor/writer, and photojournalist in Arizona (I am originally from Rhode Island) with a keen love for the written word. I have been writing fiction since I was about six-years-old, and have experimented with prose, poetry, and screenwriting. I also blog regularly about my chosen holistic lifestyle, health, and topics related to my anticipated profession in nutrition.

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cooking, creative writing, poetry, movies, screenwriting, reiki, yoga, belly dancing, astronomy, nature, frisbee, holiday decorations, thunder and lightening, monsoon season, bird watching, philosophy, fencing, paganism, animals, food, exercise, blogging, nutrition, indoor rock climbing, medieval history, fishing, tennis, museums, music, piano, classical music, alternative music, bluegrass, sci-fi and fantasy fiction, ghost stories, swords, knives, hiking, biking, art, linguistics, languages, photography, theatre, holistic medicine, energy healing, gardening, swimming, Britain, Europe, ancient history, walking barefoot, coffee, tea, cheese, reading, crystal healing, iridology, wine tasting, aromatherapy