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Grandma on her last birthday - 87 years young

                I lost my grandmother yesterday.  I will miss her for the rest of my life.  My grandma had the most beautiful soul anyone could ever imagine.  She was the kindest, most gentle-hearted woman in the entire world.  Grandma loved birds.  She loved to hear them chirp and to see them frolicking on the feeder outside of her window.  I just know that her spirit has joined her beloved birds.  She is finally free to fly forever wherever her spirit takes her.  She has been unburdened of the pain that she was suffering.  Her soul and her spirit broke free from the body that was no longer treating her in a kind way.  She died on a beautiful day, without a single cloud to pass through on her way to heaven.  My only comfort in my loss is knowing that she is happy once again with her parents and her siblings and everyone she has loved who passed before her.  There will never again be someone who is quite like her.  I already miss hearing her wonderful stories, like the time that she walked to school in the snow only to find that it was closed because her mother didn’t listen to the radio in the morning.  She loved to laugh, and I know that she felt loved right down to her very last breath.  It is hard now to see my grandfather cry.  They were married for 65 and a half years, a feat that is not achieved by a vast majority of couples.  They were so in love, even after 65 years.  I loved nothing more than to see them holding hands and to see my grandpa kiss my grandma on the end of her nose.  The viewing was today and the funeral is tomorrow.  My grandma looked beautiful in the casket.  Her makeup was immaculate, and her hair was done up beautifully.  I put together two boards of pictures of my grandma, and I must say that it was healing to see her in her happy days.  She was a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart and soul.  I love her and I miss her.  I hope that she is happy soaring with the birds and finally seeing her family again after so many years.

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A Beautiful Remembrance

That was beautiful. I am so very sorry for you loss...I have been there, too. I hope as each day passes, it gets easier for you. She was obviously an amazing woman, and I am so happy you both shared the memories that you now hold so close to you heart. Please take care!

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Very beautiful. I have also been there. I lost 2 amazing grandmas and an amazing grandpa- and one not so amazing grandpa. It does get easier but you do always miss them. My amazing grandpa has been gone 19 years and I still miss him. But before you know it, you will remember her without tears. Sending cyber hugs.

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I'm so sorry for your loss,

I'm so sorry for your loss, Lindsey. You have captured moments and feelings that are, often, too overwhelming for words. This is a beautiful testament to how much your grandmother was loved.