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Lindsay Dubler's Writings

Short Story
“Ya know, all this talk ‘bout plagues and locusts and bugs. (hiccup) I’m right offended by the implication that we—us bugs—were sent as punishment. Right, Ernie? I mean, come on, you don’t hear us going on ‘bout humans do ya?” “Frank, can’t we just chug a slimy slew without you ramblin’ on about the bible? Who cares anyhow? Humans don’t see nothin’ that ain’t...
“I really think I’ve got a winner this year,” said Blabberhash, waving a tentacle forearm. He was particularly large and boasted a fine variety of warts across his stout middle. Tibbins shook his dome, unconvinced. He was as thin as Blabberhash was rotund and was lacking in the warts department. However, he was a fine breeder and knew a good thing when he saw it...