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Bitchslapping the Bitch
Get a brain, Morans...

“In a time of international deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

It’s certainly not my style to unload unleashed anger at anyone, and my irritation with this woman came out of one sentence she wrote on Facebook, but not directly to me.  She said, in a nutshell, “Newby writers who ask me questions and want my help should know that they should thank me, afterward, for my answers.” And I wholly agree. I liked to be thanked too, but if someone doesn’t respond in kind, I don’t go blazing a trail on Facebook to seek vengeance. 

 But today, I’m afraid, I mispoke.   It was all because of the way she chastised all that have friended her and thus, we get her posts on our walls, whether we like it or not.  I didn’t like it.  So I wrote back.  I told her that her anger at one person, let out for the public to view on Facebook was unbecoming to her.  And if she had a problem with a “fan,” she should keep it between them.  But then she replied, on “my” page, (which is everyone's page whom I friend):

"Becoming? Linda, I'm not even talking about myself, nor am I talking about "my" public. I'm talking about manners for any newbie. Also, please don't feel like it's necessary to come over and read my wall if I'm bothering you."

She still didn’t get it.  Her page is anyone’s page to those who are vetted as a “friend” of hers on Facebook.  We both write books, but in different genres, so we somehow became "friends."  But now it was time to defriend her.  I’m sure she did the same.  Am I proud of what I did?  No. I customarily respond to people as rationally as one human can to another.  I don’t look for trouble.  Maybe I was just ramped up because I was hungry. It was way past dinnertime. Perhaps it was because I had read her scolding words before, on “my” page, to some poor schlep whom she accused of advertising on “her” page. I guess it just got to me at the end of a very long and arduous year,  in which I had to deal with other nasty people who have been more than irriatating. 

Whatever.  I won’t be seeing her name again, nor will I be reading any or her books, especially the one that comes out in January, that she’s been touting all over Facebook for months—on everyone else’s page. I told her the truth, and George Orwell would be proud. 

She writes about romance.  I wonder what a woman so bitter knows about romance?  

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Excellent piece and cudos

Excellent piece and cudos for venting what many of us feel about Facebook. Used well Facebook can be a great way to follow those we care about from afar. Used badly it can be the last bastion of a self-promoting pack of desperate fame-seekers who think the number of friends they have on Facebook equals their success in life.