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St. Paul, MN
Jul 2008

I am an overeducated writer of fiction who also happens to be the product of a Borscht Belt childhood in the Jewish hotels of the Catskills. My family survived emotional upheavals, mostly self-created, through story-telling and jokes. I am not a big joke teller, but I can absorb one instantly and then tell it to anyone—with embellishments my Aunt Kyra would be proud of. When I was young, I endured through books, a familiar writer’s story. But I read Little Women on a brocade couch in a chandelier-lit lobby. I sat on Red Buttons lap and swigged Shirley Temples in the Swizzlestick Lounge. I have a thing for maraschino cherries and chilled honeydew melon balls. My life has veered from heady to raunchy. I won a scholarship and went to Vassar, dropped out and drove a VW van to San Francisco. Attended a doctoral program in medical psychology and pushed a broom as a pizza shack janitor. John Dewey, Buddha, Carl Jung, Judy Garland and the Village People. And so, when it came to writing fiction, I suppose it’s no surprise that I found my voice balancing between popular and literate. I want to write things my Aunt Kyra loves and my former mentor, Jane Smiley, admires. I want to be funny, serious, and most of all to flaunt my philosophical passions, which delight in the complex, disorderly world we live in. Our souls are steeped in analogy.

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Regal Crest Press
Due in Spring, 2009

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