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In 1903, when Kathleen Beauchamp crossed the threshold of Queen’s College located in Harley Street, fresh  off the boat from New Zealand,  intent on making romantic and literary conquests, she had no idea that she was about to forge a friendship that would accompany her  to the end:...
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The Whirling Girl opens like a modern fairy tale, when Clare Livingston inherits an old Tuscan farmhouse from her uncle, an Etruscan scholar of international repute. This is “the stuff that dreams are made on,” and as she drives along the old roads winding round Cortona in her rental jeep, we...
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  On Nov.23rd, the news bites of the RAI televideo dedicated a page to Black Friday in New York, informing viewers that huge lines had begun to form outside the big department stores where the doors had opened to the public as early as midnight, on this day “traditionally dedicated to...
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  My novel, The Etruscan, originally published by Wynkin de Worde in 2004,  runner up in the fiction category  at the New York Festival of Books, honorable mention at the Paris Festival of Books, is now available on Kindle and will be available for Free Download for five days from...
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Magic Landscapes of Tuscia     Upcoming Visit to the Bomarzo Pyramid with Prof. Stephan Steingräber The Tuscia, that ragged corner of northern Lazio, nestled in between Umbria and Tuscany has long been famous for its magical landscapes,  and I take that word magical not...
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The ultimate artichoke recipe:  hearth-roasted artichokes From April till mid May comes the peak of  artichoke season in Rome, giving us one last glorious feast  of this noble vegetable with its bitter, pungent taste of spring, its budding promise of summer bloom  which we...
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ETRURIA   Travel, History, and Itineraries in Central Italyauthor: Mary Jane Cryanpublisher:  Etruria Editions,  2010   isbn  978 -88-9689-09-1Price  12,00 euros   No one writes more informatively and entertainingly about  Tuscia than Mary...
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While snow fell on the capital, paralyzing  Rome,  piling up  three to four feet in other areas of Italy,   while 50 people froze to death, some trapped in cars,  some  in their homes  without food, water, power, or heat  - we followed the twitter feeds...
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  Bundled in a raincoat, a pork pie hat pulled low over my brow, I slosh along in my rubber boots on my way to a secret ceremony. Blurred lamplight shines on the slick black paving stones. The dark oaken shutters of the neighborhood greengrocer are still closed, as are those of the bookshop...
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Linda Lappin reading at Shakespeare & Company, Paris
Just around the corner from Notre Dame on Rue de la Bucherie, Shakespeare and Company, the celebrated bookstore, library, shrine, and make-shift hotel, welcomes readers, writers, and flaneurs for rich cultural encounters with the printed and spoken word. Officially recognized by the City of...
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High Tuscia, a rugged terrain of woods and canyons nestled between Rome and Tuscany is well known as homeland to the mysterious Etruscans as well as the headquarters of a revolutionary secret society of the 16th century which practiced occultism and masked its anti-clerical  and reformist agenda...
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VENICE IN MID WINTER Bundled in a raincoat, a pork pie hat pulled low over my brow, I slosh along in my rubber boots on my way to a secret ceremony.  Pale blurry  lamp light shines on the slick black paving stones. The dark oaken shutters  of the  greengrocer are still closed, as are those of the  ...
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