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Publishing Party

I am very pleased and excited to announce my newest novel, Across Time is now out.
So...what does this mean in terms of writing? Well...here's where the business side of writing takes place. I don't mind this part, really. Although it takes me away from what I love most (the actual writing), it must be done, so I do it happily...afterall, it  comes with the territory of being published.
Here's how it ought to go down:
1) Author's copies will arive this week. I will give those only to the people who are in the acknowledgments.Why/ You can't make money by giving the book away...and...if people really want to help your career and support you, then they ought not to ask for a single copy, but buy 2 or 3!
2) Conference call with the publishers about what to do to help this sell well.
3) Plan the Book Launch. I won't do this. I have people. :) Actually, I have GREAT people who excel at that sort of thing. I'm a beans and weenir kind of gal...my people, however, are champagne and Brie types, so they'll  put on a bash that will probably have close to 300 people. That's a great way to kick off  novel. I go and sign it and chat, and just enjoy the people who have come to support me. You'll hear all about it.
4) Virtual Book Tour...I'll be a guest blogger and do some chat room gigs...I am really looking forward to that.
5) Arrange book signings/ readings. I'm not a reading kind of author...they're too stuffy for me. No, I prefer signings so I can go talk to people.
6) Keep writing
7) Arrange to be a signer at Northwest Booksellers Association and any other place where books are.
8) Work to get the book reviewed. Once only hard backs were reveiewed, but that is no longer true.
9) Keep plugging away at getting the book to as many places online as possible.
10) Enjoy the work and the ride!

Tomorrow night is our Book Launch Party. They used to be called publishing or signing parties, but times have changed and so has the terminology. I am very excited, as we anticipate close to 100 people in attendance, and even some very good friends of mine are coming from out of state! We're selling books, drinking wine, and haaving  a wonderful time. This is how one starts off the sales via word-of-mouth. I can't wait!

That's it for now. 
Bizzeee Bizzee Bizzee!

Oh....and if you buy a book from me on my website (you can just send $$ via paypal) I'll send you my first book as an e-book for free! Can't beat that!
Thanks for your support!