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I couldn’t resist going back to where the hunters were chasing a big bear. When I did, I found that the whole place had changed again. The air was warm and sweet, full of the essence of huckleberries soaking up more sunshine as they ripened on the bushes. The birds were gossiping in small chit...
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At least that you know of . . .   Mine was yesterday. I went to a place I go for solitude where usually you can’t drive because of a huge slide area that has carried down many trees to block the road. As I drove to where I planned to park and then continue on mountain bike, I ran into a road...
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Yesterday I read all the news articles I could find about the 14-year-old bear hunter who mistook and fatally shot a woman on a popular hiking trail. I must admit it depressed me all day. What a tragedy for all concerned. Many people asked how it could happen, but that is because they weren’t...
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It was surprising to some that I could visit Alaska a week ago and instantly recognize one of the bears I wrote about in my first book. As I answered questions at my last book reading, I realized that there are people who can’t recognize individual animals among wild animals. People do recognize...
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Do all writers have OAI? Hey! This is a serious disease. I discovered I have OAI in high school. As I sat in class I looked out the window at the big puffy clouds and imagined a whole world in them; a lake with an island and on it, a mansion with only cool people, horses, dogs, cats and exotic...
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With every brush stroke you either add or detract from your painting, just like each word paints a clearer scene or muddies the communication between you and your reader. Just like with painting, knowing how much to put in and where to stop is an important part of writing. Focus in art is for a...
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The only time some people ever, ever get to be alone is in the mall. “I’m going shopping”, doesn’t elicit questions or concern because it is an All American activity, wholesome and expected that you can go do by yourself. Buying something makes your life better, at least for a few hours. Buying a...
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. . . there are always tracks. Just not everyone can see them. I hereby offer to help. Any of you who are writing a scene that tracks can help you with I would be happy to consult. Make tracks part of your clues with my help. For instance, it's snowing. Everyone who doesn't know much about...
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Emmett the Comedian, Acrylic by LJ Hunter
One of my good friends, an Alaskan brown bear named Baylee, wanted to give you a message. She said to tell you that she has three little cubs this year and is looking for a fourth She thinks you would fit right into the Baylee family. Yes, I know you think bears are killing machines but that’s...
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Fifteen kids lounged on the deck of the Captain Conner one summer day in Astoria. As the captain I was in the wheelhouse, leaving their educational trip up to my very competent interpretative crew. One boy, probably about 10 years old, was sitting just in front of me on the bow and kept smashing...
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Warning!! First you think of a line, and cowboy poetry happens to you. It is as if dead cowboys ride their ponies across the skies making up rhymes and give them to you to write, whether you want to or not! You chomp the words around in your mouth like a cow chews it cud until they have a rhythm...
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grizzlies don't litter
There are lots of guys whose mothers always picked up after them. Guys who grew up not knowing how dirty socks on the floor got back in their drawers clean. Guys who never understood that they even needed picking up after. . these guys have a tendency to pick wives who take over for Mom. When...
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A Mother Bear, charcoal by LJ Hunter
I used to be a rude person. Unintentionally, of course, but I have learned from Brown bears in Alaska that most human manners are unacceptable, not just to bears but all animals. Our habit of striding directly up to a stranger, looking them in the eye, and holding out our hands is very aggressive...
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