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Writing in the moment

For painters it is called "painting en plein air", a French way of saying painting outdoors. For writers it means the same thing and there are a few spots in the country who have plein air wriitng events.  This year I was the coordinator for the Pacific Northwest Plein Air Write Out and a group of writers gathered in the Columbia Gorge Area between Washington State and Oregon to travel to beautiful spots around the gorge and write a 500 word piece inspired by the moment. The results are online at http://www.columbiaarts.org/arts-more.html

Click on Writers, Ghosts and Yellowjackets to read the entries. 

Don't miss Julianna Waters's two entires,  as they will give you a real feel for how creative this group is. This was the seventh year of this event and we expect we will be doing it again next season.