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Jan 2008

Linda Jo Hunter worked as lead guide and assistant manager of Redoubt Bay Lodge in Alaska for four summer seasons. She has taken thousands of people to observe brown bears in their natural habitat. As a tracker and naturalist, she has been particularly interested in studying bears since 1993. She is cofounder of the International Society of Professional Trackers and was the first editor of Track & Sign newsletter. Linda has taught tracking for private classes and search and rescue in Washington State. She has worked as the historian/naturalist on small cruise ships and has been a Coast Guard licensed captain for 30 years. The variety of her outdoor adventures is reflected in twenty years of magazine articles about the outdoors for numerous publications. Currently she lives in Washington State with her husband where she guides, writes and expresses her love of wildlife in art. Hunter is an active advocate for animal habitat preservation and the health and welfare of wild bears. She shares her knowledge, paintings, humor and convictions as a public speaker.


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