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Out of time

Do you ever feel like we are running out of time?

There is so much to do, always running around, busy.   Too busy to stop and have a face to face conversation.  This is the age of Twitter, Facebook, G+, texting.  No one even picks up the phone, yet you keep in touch that way and you KNOW things about people.  Sometimes I post things then I forget about it, maybe I was confronted by someone mean in the grocery store and for that moment, just that moment, I am irritated.  So I write a nasty post with my text message to Twitter about it.  Then I run into an old friend the next day, who asks if I am doing OK?  Why? I ask.  Baffled at what they could mean, and they are thinking of and referring to that post.  Are we misrepresenting what we feel?  Think?  SEE?  by these blurbs of moments in time?  And really was my entire day defined by that moment?   Not really.  Yet in the Twitter world it was.

I think we have to be careful of our defining moments.   I don't want those crappy, grumpy moments to define me, not on Twitter, not in real life.  Be careful what you say and learn to define yourself with good moments.