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My first serious piece of writing won first prize! I was around ten or twelve, and my Catholic school had all the students enter an essay contest sponsored by the Monks Bread people. I wrote my little heart out, and won...wait for it...a loaf of Monks Bread!  That essay has long fallen to...
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Exactly one week before Christmas, I slipped off a step inside my house and broke my left hand. Suddenly, I was on a forced winter vacation. I can't write, can't knit, can't quilt, and can't drive.What I can do is read, watch TV, take long walks, and think about my life.  I've already written...
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When I was a girl, my family often drove down Widow Susan Road to get to the main highway along the Mohawk River, Route 5, the route that took us to the big stores in Schenectady and Albany. Invariably, one of us- my sister, my father or mother, and sometimes me - would ask: Who was Widow Susan?...
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The summer sun burned hot on my back as I walked through a development of townhouses on my way to the park. A week remained before Labor Day, but Monday was the first day of school in our district. Moms and Dads stood at the corner with elementary age kids, taking pictures and delivering hugs as...
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My memoir's subtitle is A Woman's Journey to Peace With Scoliosis, Her Mother and Her Polish Heritage. Inner peace is my personal daily practice.  Peace is that hummingly alive place where I don't fight. I don't do mental violence to myself for looking crooked in my clothes, I don't do emotional...
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The cards have started appearing in my mailbox. My birthday is very close to Halloween. Sometimes, people send me the ones colored orange and black with cats and witches on the front. They read Happy Halloween Birthday! The thing is, Halloween was my mother's birthday. People still get them...
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It took a lot of years and a lot of livin' before I realized that forgiveness isn't something you do. Forgiveness is all about what you don't do. You don't wake up and replay the argument when they hurt you, practicing better retorts. You don't think of what they did and said years ago to wound you...
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