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Jack London and Me
Linda Ballou at Jack London's Wolf House at his Beauty Ranch in the Valley of the Moon

I didn't realize it when I was growing up in gold country, but I was walking in the footsteps of America's  best-loved adventure writer. Over the years our paths have crossed many times. I feel a special connection to a man I never met, but whose actions and deeds inspire me still.


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I Concur

Been there and had similar feelings. Did you visit his grave? I have one of his first editions. Hanging onto it. A tragedy, the way he died. An inspiration, the way he lived.

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Jack London

HI Monty
I did visit his gravesite, in fact there is a photo of it in the slide show that accompanies this piece.

The docent said that it was the mercury they were giving him for the tropical deseases he contracted when he was on the Snark that killed him. Although his heavy drinking didn't help I'm sure.