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Honoring Change :: A Political Campaign Message

The saddest nights become real if I
choose despair over hope,
treason over my lovely fantasies,
pain over chocolate bites of love,
to fall in mistakes over seeing opportunities,
routines over traveling spirit,
mental chains over flying through open skies,
paradigms over new horizons,
the traditional over the creative,
you over the others,
you over true love.

Believe the possible is threading the impossible,
get your hands stained with hope,
make them reach the closest universe to you,
take it into higher grounds,
make me shake it up,
becoming alive,
it’s all I really need,
it’s all I really am,
it’s what we call love.

Choose right.
Choose love.

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we all approve this message.

Take change home.
Don't leave it in the ballots.  

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Thank you!!!

Thank you, dear, for taking some time to read the poem!
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