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Social Media Newbie Explained Guide

Due to the comments about the blog post: Social Media Newbie, I have decided to write a small guide for those who are facing a hard time trying to gasp the idea of Networking.

Why is Networking so interesting for an rising or newbie author?

Well, as you may realize there are so many writers and people who blog constantly. Right now, with the Internet, people stumble a page, and if you don't bookmark it, you may never reach it by a simple search, again. A person judges your information in a clap; if he does not like you, he just closes the window. He won't spend any time telling you, it is horrible. If he does critize you, he finds it interesting somehow to spend time doing it.

I am writing for those newbies who are going crazy with this social media craze, and need a little help, but in small doses:

First, you could set an account at twitter, identi.ca, or plurk. These are micro-blogging sites. You just write small sentences about what you are up to, your ideas, feelings, etc.

Twitter is really easy: You can find people to follow on TwitDir, and you could add yourself here: http://justtweetit.com/writers-authors/

You can also, keep blogging at Redroom, posting a complete profile is important, and use your redroom page as your home page (if you don't have your own) in twitter, and start talking.

Movie to explain it better: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYHUOESHpVk

Identic.ca is easy too, but less commercial. I mean, Identi.ca is made with an Open Source Script, that is really cool, but for those newbies I believe... Twitter may be simpler.

Why is Networking so interesting for an established author? Well, just see what Barack Obama did. He used the Social Media to connect with people. You can grow, by asking and learning which is the kind of people who like your work, and why? They may tell you what they like about you, what they don't, and you can confront yourself into understanding why do you write the way you do. 

Besides, to write is really about communicating to other human beings who you are, my sole advice is: It does not matter if you decide or not to use Social Media, if you do... Be yourself!

I may tell you this, and at the same time be aware it is difficult to do it. I have been writing my book, and it is tough because I suddenly stop for days. I wish I would not, but I do. I tried to understand why I did it. I thought it could not be a writer's block. I realized:

"I stopped writing because I want to be someone I am not. I stopped writing because I want to express something I am not. I stopped writing because I want it to be too real, detailed, interesting, or whatever made me stop."

I realized I did not need to be great at writing something, but I needed to be great at expressing who I am, with my flaws and virtues, be myself. I understood it, and my metal blocks reduced. I still need to work at it, but at least I have tackled this issue down.

I really hope this helps you out!

Let's keep it going although, we may be out of track at the NaNoWriMo. I am, but I will keep it going.

ps. If you join twitter these are my accounts:

http://twitter.com/linaru (Questions about life)

http://twitter.com/projectlove (Ideas about life)