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Questions leading to peace

When we speak about peace, what do we mean? Do we mean to live inner peace or outer peace?  Outer peace does not depend on us, but inner does.  I wrote some questions to dive into peace. 

Could you reach peace by understanding yourself?
Could I start by asking me...

Why am I living this context?
What life choices did I take that changed my life?
Why did I take those choices?
Who am I to judge those who live in a certain context, certain choices and opportunities different from mine?
Why do I get angry at times for no apparent reason?
Why do I get upset when other people treat me arrogantly?
Why do I lose my temper?
Why do I feel so great when I do something kind to others?
Why do I feel so empty although I may have a lot of money?
Why do I get angry when I feel others are being unjust to me or to others?
Why do I stop being happy?
What are my old family patterns?
Am I carrying an old pattern that makes me unhappy or unsatisfied with my life?

What is…
My memory?
My consciousness?
My love and kindness?
My body?
My mind?
My impulses?

How do they affect myself?
Who am I if I lose my memory? What part of me could remain? More questions? Go on… Try not bringing dictionary answers, but inner non-thought answers and more questions with your answers…

Have fun!