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Positive Thinking

It is almost November, so it is time to start thinking about the NaNoWriMo contest. To be really honest, the novel I have been planning all this year called Faccias is just 5000 words long. Incredible, isn't it? A year long... and just 5,000 words!

However, I am not ashamed about it. If you are just like me (terrible at writing long novels), don't be. It takes a lot of effort, and a lot of writers understand it. In my case, it is even worse, because although my mother tongue is English, I have lived in a Spanish speaking country all my life. If you have lived all your life in an English speaking country, come on, give the NaNoWriMo contest a try! Take the challenge!

Important: Observe the positive aspects and opportunities that surround you. Don't focus in the negative! Stop the negative thinking when it comes into your mind by a positive home-made remedy.

I know... We are not perfect positive, but at least to be aware of how negative you are being, and try to stop those ones.

(negative thought -> I know I may not reach the 50,000 words), (positive thought -> but at least I will try my best.) (negative thought-> If I do not reach the 50,000), (positive thought -> I will finish the novel by the end of the month, instead of the end of the year. )

So, it is actually a LONG way to reach 50,000 words. It is really a BIG challenge.

Well, "faccia" is an Italian word that means face. It comes from the latin facies. I like the word because when I say it my mind goes immediately into the English word facade, and that is what my novel is about: False images and ideals represented through people's expressions and faces as their perfect defensive front.

Why the -s? Well, in Spanish to make substantives plural, we add an -s.

So, that is the story about the title: Faccias. Stay tuned, I will continue with these updates...

Just one more little thing, I just have an idea... If you do decide to enter the contest, I recommend you to write about your novel in your blog. Why?

It gives you the idea of a finished and progressing novel, and the peer pressure (you create to yourself by yourself) may be enough to keep you motivated and working.