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Overcoming budget issues

We live inside a society that wants to exploit art commercially. In a way, they may even make you feel what you do is worthless if no money is ever made, and therefore the real value of art is ignored. 

For example, if you are a not known, without important friends, and not published poet, what can you do?

First of all, you need to understand why do you write. Your mind must be set into an inner and outer purpose. These are some questions:

1.  What is the purpose of your art? You  may answer that you want to expose yourself, perhaps you want to understand the meaning of life and being alive, or do you just want to write to be famous.

  • If your wishes are to be famous or have to money, then your writings will lack true passion. You may live the consequences of writing (be famous or have money), but if your purpose is not set in your inner self and morality--> My question is: How can a shallow person write about deep issues if this person doesn't even bother into understanding the real reasons of his own wishes and impulses.
  • If your wishes are to understand life and yourself, then you can really understand what to be a poet is all about. But, the new question is: How can I understand myself?  

2. How can I understand myself? 

Have you ever spent your day gazing on the wonderful things that surround you? Have you ever tried to overcome your worst defects, and tried to understand why others behave the way they do? Have you ever felt true compassion because you have understood the exact way the other one may feel? Have you understood the reasons you write? Is it because it makes you feel better or do you want to make others feel better?

3. Why do I write or want to write?

  • Do I write to feel better about myself?
            If this is the case, then you must ask yourself more questions like: Do I really know myself? Am I who I have thought I am all my life? Have I read what I write as a third person who wants to know the one who writes?  Have I closed my eyes, and really tried to be the one who has made me feel bad sometimes? Have I realized that sometimes the one who really is hurting me is myself?
           If this is not the case, how can you write to make others feel better about themselves? Can you write to help others if your heart is still in need of being cured beforehand? Can you help others when your heart is aching? Is it really that you want to cure yourself by curing others?

After questioning yourself about these, and a lot more of your own questions you'll have to go back to the everyday life... The one that tells you need money to be who you wish to be. Then you will have to go to the question room again, but with these new questions:

Could you sell who you are? Could you accept gratitude from those who love your art? Should art be sold as an common object? Is copyright really the way it should be? What is the reason and history of copyright? Have I thought about other type of licenses that could help me do my purpose?  

There are a lot of other questions, but those are enough to start thinking about how to become a poet. Once you have established the true reasons, and seeing yourself as a true poet (the one who lives, loves and knows passion) you need to find ways to express yourself. 

The one who writes with the heart will always write to those who are reading with an open heart. Many may tell you do awful work, don't mind what they say. You are not writing because you want them to acknowledge you. You write because you know deep inside yourself what you want to say and be. The true poet will write all the time, perhaps not all the day with a pen, but inside his heart. The true poet will overcome dead ends, and will write the way he has experienced life.

Remember, the poet is not one poem, but the collection of them through out his life. You may write the best book, but it is not the book that matters it is the journey you have lived, and the path you have set that will really make you be a true poet. It is the life you live, and the passion you have embedded in it. When you have seen that deeply inside your heart, then money will not be an issue. You may not live because of your writings, but those writings will give you the life to keep going. To have the strength to live those hardships that you may face, and declare the your vision of the facts with a metaphoric lightning that will establish who you are. 

If you want others to know you, then let them see you without fear. Give yourself through the ways that inspire you. For example: 

  • You may start a blog or you may have your own homepage.
  • You can write in places poetic groups (yahoo/google/redroom)
  • You can have print your poems, and give them out on the street as you walk.
  • You may carry copies of your poems all day, and give your poems to those who give you something to be happier.
  • You may do what ever comes up, like recording yourself as you create a poem or create audios as you say them on a stage. 

Don't ever give up!!! This is not a competition to be the best compared to others, it is a journey into yourself each day to be the best you can be (as a whole, not just writing). 

And if you do not agree, great! Just enjoy being alive, and make yourself feel happy!

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True Poet

Thank you so much Lina. I love this, I truly needed to read this... All of this!

"If you want others to know you, then let them see you without fear"

(A True Poet )