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This is a moving memoir that captures the journey of a woman who came of age as America struggled to deliver on its vision of racial and gender equality.  Lillian Lincoln’...
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The Road to Someplace Better is a well-told story of an African-American woman's personal and professional struggle to achieve goals in life that at the time seemed unattainable....
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I frequently counsel young women to seize opportunities that don't exist. Discover paths no one can see. How exciting then to read this story of a woman who fought the odds, broke...
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This coming-of-age story illustrates the fundamental principles of a classic education. Lillian discovered her purpose and moved forward, with distinction, into an ever-changing...
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Not only did Lillian become the first black woman to receive a Harvard MBA, but she also played an instrumental role while she was a student to help the business school change its...
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This is an old-fashioned rags-to-riches story that traces Lambert's upbringing as the daughter of God-fearing Virginia subsistence farmers to becoming the first black woman to...