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A few months ago, I was having lunch with a friend who is an avid reader. She is always telling me about the latest book she has read and sometimes I am envious of the fact that she reads so many books in such a short period. On this particular day she was wound up about a book she had just...
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The word family has a different meaning to each person. A family can include a few people or many. It’s how the people interact and relate to each other that gives meaning to the word.  For me, growing up on a farm in rural Virginia, family meant my parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts,...
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Leader is more than a title; it carries a responsibility. Leaders come in all sizes, shapes and colors and they bring a myriad of attitudes to the position. Their responsibilities are numerous, requiring that they possess certain qualities and skills in order to be successful. Many skills can be...
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For the last few days in May 2011, millions of people waited with great anticipation to see the final episodes of "The Oprah Winfrey Show." She had decided, after 25 years, to end her very popular daytime talk show to move on to other interests. Many questioned why she would leave...
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As professional speakers our audiences depend on us to provide them with a memorable experience. In order to do this, the speaker needs to follow some specific ground rules.  Seasoned speakers may be aware of these but a reminder is always useful. Those thinking about or new to the speaking...
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A few years ago, I spoke at a conference of the African American Student Union, Harvard University. During the question and answer session a young man asked: "Why would someone with a Harvard MBA choose to go into the janitorial business instead of a more sophisticated profession?...
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We have all heard the adage leaders are born, not made. In the case of leadership, it does help a bit to be born with particular character or personality traits. But just like it helps to be born with money, you don't have to be born with money in order to become wealthy. So it is with leadership....
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My book “The Road to Someplace Better: From the Segregated South to Harvard Business School and Beyond” is both a memoir and a road map.  It’s about the lessons I learned  - in and out of business school - on a journey to find my place in the world, a journey that took more than a few twists and...
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