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Success Tips From Harvard's First African-American Female MBA

A few years ago, I spoke at a conference of the African American Student Union, Harvard University. During the question and answer session a young man asked: "Why would someone with a Harvard MBA choose to go into the janitorial business instead of a more sophisticated profession?"

After taking a deep breath I responded. "I admit there is nothing glamorous about my industry. You're right, it is not an industry where you will find many MBAs, much less a Harvard MBA. But I'll let you in on a secret: It's better to own the mop than to push the mop."

Read the rest on AOL Jobs.

By the way, Gina Misiroglu of Red Room put me in touch with the AOL people, which is one of the great ways she's bringing traffic to Red Room and getting attention for Red Room's authors.

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Dear Lillian - What a great blog!

I was really impressed with your thoughts, experience, and education. I read the full article from AOL. My Daughters say that I am a bit pretentious because I have dreams of my Grandchildren going to Harvard. But you are living proof that I have the right vision. (I have to build up that 401K.) My boss for the past 25 years is an African American woman with an MBA. From her example and sharing I often kid her that I was able to get my MBA from observing her. So, I can really relate about your reflections on the woman who helped you get a start in a corporate business. I know that you probably are very busy, but I hope that I get to read more of your blogs or articles in the future. Do you have a business web site?

Thanks for the great insight and wisdom.

Mary Walsh

P.S. I am already soooo impressed with you, but I have to admit if you told me that you knew Sarah Lawrence Lightfoot while you were at Harvard that would put me over the top !!! Have a great day!

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Hi Mary,  I apologize for

Hi Mary,

 I apologize for taking so long to respond. I am playing catch up.  Thanks for your comments.  By all means don't give up  on your grandchildren going to Harvard.  Financing their attendaance may  be a challenge.  What I paid in tuition when I went looks like peanuts when compared to today's prices.  

 I do have a website : www.lillianlincolnlambert.com

I did not know Sarah Lawrence Lightfoot.  Was she at the Business School or one of the other schools?

Stayin touch. 





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Dear Lillian ...Thank You!

Was I ever happy that you responded to my comment.
I love your Web site!!! This week-end I will be watching your videos. My Bucket List now includes seeing you speak in person. You are more than an inspiration... you are a treasure uncovered.
I can't wait until Sue Glasco(another Red Roomer) reads your blogs. She will be another big fan.

Have a great day!

Mary Walsh

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Mary, I would love to have


I would love to have you present at a speaking engagement. Unfortunately, I have only one planned in the foreseeable future and that is in Richmond, VA. Will keep you posted on upcoming events. Where are you located? If you know of or belong to organizations that use outside speakers, I's welcome the opportunity to discuss the possibility of being a speaker for them.