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I have now edited the Kindle version of War on the Margins, oh, three or four times; I've lost count! I am working on a second book that has just about nothing to do with the first book, about an obscure Dutch colony in what is now Delaware.

At the end of May I pitched  War on the Margins to the Jewish Book Network "Meet the Author" session in LA. I was about as nervous as I was in 1991 in Louisville KY when I took my oral radiology board exam. But the board exam was about three hours and this was only two minutes, so it cannot compare in the long run.

The new book is really starting to grab me; I wake up thinking of changes I want to make to the pages I wrote the day before...




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BookSurge is making me old before my time

I was looking forward to a nice day of writing after a vet appointment (my male cat needs a dental cleaning/possible extraction). A pleasant surprise awaited me; a blogger in the UK emailed me to request a copy of War on the Margins. Then came the unpleasant surprise: on the Amazon.co.uk site, it was listed at £20+ instead of £6+! This is the third time I have had to deal with this! It is a result of BookSurge.uk being dropped from the list of sellers; two third-party sellers come up, and their price is triple the list price. This happened in June, as well as last week. I was on the phone today for about an hour, and they finally fixed it manually. I feel awfully stupid (really, BookSurge should) mentioning to people interested in my book that the price is often listed incorrectly, and could they please point this out should they decide to review it? I know I was probably too impatient during the editing and proof phase, but now that it's all done and up and listed, why should this happen?

I'm going to calm down and have lunch and see if I can get something done this afternoon. At this rate, I'm afraid to go on vacation!

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Wow! A nice review from a British blogger (June 25, 2008)

(Edited for clarity Feb 1, 2009) Dove Grey Reader, an influential British blogger, has given me a great review! It was so nice to see it after finishing a long evening of writing (I submitted a piece to a contest run by Narrative Magazine). Maybe I'm not just wasting my time...