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Tribute to Barack Obama


Wars on the front page
forge an ink ballast of words

in paragraphs of iron
to chain the laughing messenger
who still sees the silver lining,

and cradles tiny coals

of undying hope.

He scatters them generously

wherever he goes
starting campfires

against the encroaching dark,

that crouches just outside

 the circle of his

contagious flame. 

 Wounded each day
by the gloom and doom scavengers

 ravens coming to devour

 the tender flesh of optimism

 bound naked on the rocks.

They think he must be punished

for his flint and spark,

the gift of fire perhaps

that he dared to give, 
 a tiny piece of sun
 that broke open the night.

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I do love this tribute :-)

Isn't it a strange paradox how light intended to provide a sense of safety and warmth sometimes generates the exact extreme opposite? "Tribute to Barack Obama" not only fittingly salutes the man himself but holds up a very useful mirror to our chaotic and fear-driven times. If we can slow the panic long enough to look and listen, we might then be able to appreciate the light and power of that "flint and spark" rather than dread it to points of public hysteria.

Much gratitude for the great read,

author of The American Poet Who Went Home Again
and Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance (Facts on File)