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Call for Submissions, African-American Anthology

The Three Minds of Black America:

Tresconsciousness and the Twenty-First Century

Are you a man, woman, teen or child of African descent who has been torn by society's expectations of race and class? Have you found yourself developing different personalities in the workplace, in the church, in the neighborhood, in the classroom, with your family and with your peers? Are you struggling to find your true self that is comfortable in all settings and situations?

Tresconsciousness, or triple consciousness, is the idea that Blacks in America are always torn between the ideals of three distinct communities: Eurocentric America, the Black upper middle class community and the greater Black community. As an African American develops their personal identity we are striking a balance between each of the three aspects of ourselves.

A new anthology, The Three Minds of Black America: Tresconsciousness and the Twenty-First Century is calling Africans, African-Americans, Blacks, West-Indians, Native Americans and others of African descent to share a personal essay within this collection.

For a sample essay, frequently asked questions, and submissions guidelines please visit our website .  

Direct questions can be sent to thethreeminds@gmail.com .

Submissions are due June 15, 2009

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