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2 months after the quake, activism is born in Japan.
Anger at Tokyo Electric Power Company

Two months have passed since the massive 9.0 earthquake struck Japan, triggering a tsunami and nuclear disaster. Last Saturday, I attended an anti-nuclear rally in Tokyo, and wrote about my experience. Gina Misiroglu of Redroom helped me place the story in The Huffington Post--a huge thanks to Gina and Huntington Sharp for this amazing opportunity to share my experience. I was moved by the passion and sincerity of the people at the rally--all walks of life gathered to make their voices heard. In Japan, this is very unusual, but this is how we live now, after 3-11. Japan is probably the only country in the world to apologize for its nuclear accidents, which were, for all intents and purposes, a result of an act of nature (mixed with very bad planning, negligence and hubris). I was surprised to see the normally very polite Japanese people throwing out the f-bomb at this demonstration, but people are pissed off, and anger can lead to action. We are all learning as we go along. Please check it out here: