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Men behaving badly: Step into my shoes
Humor can be a recipe for the soul..

Please laugh with caution for this could happen to anyone, even you!


     I’m not proud of some of the things I’ve done since I started writing blogs. However I have to say there have been times on this endless journey when I have laughed myself to bits. Here is one of those times.

     I came across a fair lady a while back who had a catalogue of book clubs which she offered to the members of that site as an opportunity to get our books reviewed. Without a second thought my predatory instinct went into action immediately. I copied and pasted all the book club names and website addresses into a market file I keep around somewhere. I didn’t have the time to follow up on this then and there but hey I wasn’t complaining, it was there for that rainy day when I had dried up of ideas for what to do.

     Eventually that day came. I wanted something different to do other than writing articles, blogs or just chatting on line. I needed a change and I needed it badly, another means of marketing. Then it occurred to me book clubs! I was excited! Alas, something different to get my mind functional. Like the dessert that follows after a great meal I thought I should build up the climax to this period. So I stepped out of the house at approximately 10PM and went shopping, got back an hour later and was ready for my dessert. I registered on two clubs on Amazon and was pretty much satisfied with myself. I was in for the kill and it looked as though I was breaking into new territory. Next I scrolled down to the third club on my list which clearly stated that it was for women only! It stated that this club catered for women issues worldwide. Knowing me, a wicked thought crossed my mind, I wouldn’t join but I would leave a message. It clearly didn’t state that these women would not read books written by men. Suddenly an even more sinister grin lingered and slowly rose to the surface which thank goodness I discarded immediately.

      Perhaps I shouldn’t tell you, oh well, I’m bearing my soul here so I might as well. Here we go, “I wouldn’t have to tell anyone who I was to begin with, if they saw my first name they’ll think I was a woman!”

     I immediately discarded this thought! How absurd and foolish! That’s way too low, what was happening to me!

    However the former remained. I knew I just had to register and besides my book was written for everyone, why should these women miss out on it. So I left a message in their guest book and took off to the next club. I must state here that I clearly did mention in the guest book that I was male! I stated my reason for being there and asked if my book would be considered for review. Low and behold when I again visited my email inbox that night I had a message from the club. It thanked me for stopping by and asked me if I would like to register. Nothing made any sense at this point. Hadn’t I said the truth? Did it not state quite clearly on the website that this club was solely for women? So what was this nonsense of inviting me to join? I thought about it for a while and then visited the site again. I read the terms and conditions and was still puzzled. Yet I wondered, perhaps it was just me being paranoid. Why not join and then see what happens. So I registered like the mercenary that I had become and then put my murk on a page. Within seconds I realized that I was the newest member on a website with two ladies who looked like sisters! Even more peculiar was that the site had pushed my face to stand out in this vast open terrain between the two women!

  Okay, okay  I can just about hear the echo in your voice at present, ‘it serves you right.’ Well it was the craziest thing ever and as I scribble these words I am wondering what other fun stories lie in wait for me. One thing though I am keeping my faith on that site! If my luck changes anytime soon I’ll get back to you.