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Dear BFF, we might just have to breakup!

It took me a while to figure out that the world was changing. The age of acronyms was superseding that of aphorisms. You could con a phrase, twist it one way and then the next and before long you were texting rapidly in an unknown language that had descended upon the horizon as if you’d walked into an apiary. You were either alienated from it or caught in the groove when you saw the new age people dancing in rhythm to this tune that you’d never heard before.

     I’ve got my own proclivities but who hasn't. Now all I hear is OMG, LOL, BTW, I’m practically lost in this world most times as I need a translator to decipher code and explain to me what message I have just received. Still I’m not on a warpath here but seeking a détente. I’m willing to shake hands if this is restricted to text messaging. I understand it’s simple and easy to get one’s message out rapidly. However I draw the line at emails.

     BFF or otherwise, I say stop this madness else you won’t receive my reply because I just can’t be bothered.  

Yours truly

The relic

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Totally agree with you...I

Totally agree with you...I think all these OMG, LOL, etcetera have got to go.  Our language is deteriorating at a rapid rate, and this certainly contributes to it.  Okay, perhaps in a text, but beyond that, let's see some vocabulary expansion, rather than initialisms that mean nothing. Just my opinion,


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Encore , encore

Your opinion is shared and welcomed!

Thanks Nancy!