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Aha! Deceit and the naked truth!
Choice is a term flogged loosely but where does the truth lie...
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We are kinder to ourselves on some days than on others. On some of those good days we visit our resident GP to carry out prognosis for our health and our strength seeking a peace of mind that is the reassurance we need to live our lives pleasurably. The knee jerk response is usually one of the most effective ways of demonstrating activity within our joints. It is involuntary, awakening parts within us that we won’t otherwise dwell upon. It is the GPs empirical test and in that time we cannot deceive him as what we are is shown without our discretion. He seizes knowledge of our insides, in his own way with little participation on our part. The stage is set for this kind of operation in the spiritual world when we open to confession. It is not our minds that bring us to this place but our conscience which is the spiritual blessing within us. On this rostrum we are given the opportunity to rid ourselves of the backlog of darkness that may have haunted us, unseen by the naked eye but a parasite to our very existence.      


     This parasite does not come to be unless we make a commitment in one way or another to each other. Commitments in the spiritual world are not only authenticated by a third party as in marriage, treaties and the many ventures we explore in life. Commitment in the spiritual world is spawn through the spirit and it keeps us trustworthy of whatever course of action we follow afterwards. Our actions are seen and noted by God through the spirit. If we decide to break away for reasons of deceit, hypocrisy and the many dark machinations of our imaginations then we are haunted through life by this parasite. 


The leader’s perspective    

In the spiritual world I came to understand that leaders are even more affected by this parasite than most of us. On the surface of calmness and political prowess the hounding is even darker and more subdued. It appears never to exist, covered on the surface by a façade of reasons that makes it easy for mankind to swallow. However the spirit is patient and waits through time. It could wait for what seems like eternity for us to seek that cure to rid ourselves of the parasite, in which case we turn to confession our only antidote. It is wise to identify who we are before this happens, in the spiritual world a leader is not just one of fame, status in society, holding the highest seat in our courts. We are all leaders in one way or another if others look upon us for guidance. In which case our actions would be noted by our children, family, friends, gatherings and a following of people if that is the kind of statue we have managed to build for ourselves in society.

     In the spirit we learn decency through the word of the Lord. It is through God’s guidance that we can exist in righteousness. However the insidious nature of mankind is to hide behind justice from our laws pushing this righteousness far away from what we believe are our realms of reality. We make a law unto ourselves believing that we serve God’s purpose because his word is justified through the wisdom of our laws. Our frailty in believing this has diabolical consequences in our society leaving us to seek confession as our only means for respite.

     I can tell you confidently that no man can exist in the spiritual world without accepting the fact that we are all sinners in one way or another. The gem of the problem manifests itself when we idolize this sin through hypocrisy, deceit and the many political agendas we bring upon our laws to make us believe that what we do is right before God. To bring us to marriage and free us from this responsibility God allowed his son to die for us. In which case each of us is married to our Lord in a spiritual way, when this pact is broken we can either be saved through confession in this lifetime or suffer the consequences in the world to come.


The con    

Last night I went to the pictures and caught sight of one of my favourite actresses. She was brilliant in her role, setting a standard that was righteous, upstanding and what we consider correct in our society today. This is not to say that she was perfect but she was just the kind of heroin that most women would aspire to. I watched her, fascinated by her beauty and talent. I was impressed by the way in which she handled all the dilemmas that where thrown in her path, showing her strength against an all male cast that in the past would have drowned the likes of her. For what man can see the image she portrayed was inspirational, daring, a leap forward that we all would consider progress in our society.   In the spiritual world what man sees is never enough!

     In the spiritual world man has to take account of not only what he sees but what is the word of the Lord.  This might sound like a doldrums to many people but the spiritual man cannot accept things on face value. You are what you are not just by the posterity of the image you portray but the life you live. Unfortunately outside the pictures this actress has been through two failed marriages. This is nothing compared to the stanza we could all write about each other regarding hypocrisy in our lives, but it is a basis to begin from. Today we bounce about from relationship to relationship when things get tough. When we first meet people we seek what is best in them. We close our spiritual eyes and desire to see what is attractive in the flesh.

    ‘She is beautiful, stunning and intelligent she is definitely what I have been looking for.’ Most men would think in the first instance of meeting a woman.

    ‘He is cute, attractive, strong would take control of things in times of need, has a sympathetic ear to my demands, can hold a conversation with me.’ Women may advert.

     The truth is that what we see physically and believe through truancy of our wisdom from God cast a shadow of deceit before our own eyes. I may speak hypothetically and in reference to relationships as a premise for this discussion but deceit walks in the form of darkness and spiritual wickedness seeking a home of its own. My mum once told me a story of a lame man that sought a wife. Taking a look in the mirror and seeing that his disability would hinder his chances of success he set about building his image to solidify his position. He set out to seek that which was absent from his demeanour, stopping in his journey to borrow a wooden leg, good clothes, some money and all the necessities that would be pleasing to a prospective bride. By the time he reached his bride to be he was charming, attractive and just the kind of man any woman would desire. It didn’t take him long to win the love of someone charming and they were soon married and on their way home. However the bride was in for a surprise when her husband stopped on the way and returned all the pieces he had borrowed. By the time they made it to his house he was again lame and poor, but he had a beautiful bride with him.   

     The bible teaches us that we should be slow to act but diligent to every word we hear. The devil is no fool and seeks a home in our bodies. You do not only commit a sin by hitting someone or deliberately going out of your way to make someone miserable. You can commit a sin by attaching yourself to something that you tend to regret later.

‘What would any of us say the woman should do having discovered that her husband wasn’t what he had made out to be?’ She cannot walk away or else she would be a hypocrite having already committed herself to a marriage out of the wholeness of her heart believing it was the answer to her dreams. On the other hand the spirit teaches us not to be taken in by physical appearances so she has no excuse saying many days later that she didn’t know what this man was about.

     ‘This is where the conscience comes in, does she stay in the situation to suffer the consequences of committing out of naivety or does she move on claiming that the blame is not her part but the deception of the man?’


No Absolutes, but be true!

No one is free because the man who set out to find the wife knew what he was doing and used the rules of our society to succeed. The price he would pay one day would come but he knew from the start what he was doing and had already appeased his conscience in accepting his fate whatever that maybe. On the other hand the woman was driven solely by her need unaware of what consequences would follow. Her decision in the future is now the effect of her conscience rather than a premeditated decision.

      In the spiritual world this is the blaze of doubt that is eradicated from our beings. We are taught to wait and listen for the right time before acting. In the event that we commit ourselves to a situation that flusters our person then we endure painstakingly knowing that what was given to us was the Lord’s decision. In other words for bad or for worse, in sickness and in health this is the commitment we have signed up to because even with the rules of the spirit it is what was presented to us.

      The vows that we are taught in the spirit is to stay loyal to one man or woman throughout our lives, this in turn forms a basis for existing in the world to come. To start with the Lord teaches us that our bodies are the temple of God. By committing our trust to one decision, one path, one marriage, one husband, one wife we are learning to endure commitment to God. It is not going to be a festive season throughout the year walking the path of the spirit. There would be hard times and easy times, longsuffering and joy but in acceptance in all things as the work of the Lord we are made stronger in the spirit.

     ‘If we cannot endure the ride which comes with the commitment in our own world then how do we expect to endure the ride that comes with the spirit?’

      How is it possible for any of us to follow the direction of our spirits and accept God when we have failed to commit ourselves to any one righteous thing on this earth? In the spirit the will is that of the spirit and man losses the will of the flesh. In which case to live in the Lord’s castle and accept him as our Lord then we must first at least relinquish this will through practice in life in one way or the other for better or for worse. This is a practice for the spiritual world and an opportunity to stand firm through temptation and the weakness in man. It is with infinite wisdom that these rules of the spiritual world are passed onto us so that eventually as we all know when our bodies wither away and all political prowess or facial beauty becomes ancient we are finally given the opportunity to exist in a kingdom far reaching than ours.

     Hope is the key ingredient to save us from this oasis of deceit. In order not to fall victim of deceit, hypocrisy, and annulment of commitments that we make we must have faith in the spirit to survive the boomerangs aimed at us from the evil one. I have lived by hope throughout my life and it has churned my understanding of the spiritual world. It has been effectual in bringing me speedily to confession and has saved me on many occasions in the darkness of deceit. It is with this hope that I believe there would be a piety in our spiritual journey that is replaced by the usual prejudice which is recumbent in all expeditions made by man.