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Angelica, a journalism student, decided that a Leica would be the best choice for her journalistic journey. Like a child she squealed when she opened the gift from her aunt. “Europe is struggling, picking up the pieces. It’s a great time to find bargains. I overheard that you needed this.” The...
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When I grow up I’m going to be an astronaut.  No -too much travel. I think I’ll be a race car driver.  No -too much noise. I’ll be an artist.  No -they don’t get paid much. I’ll be a pilot. Yea- I’ll only fly the small stuff like mom and dad.”   Just like any ten year old, I had this weekly...
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We have all read about revolutions. People took a stand for something they passionately believed in. People lost their lives for the "cause". Great stories, plays, and music have been inspired by revolutions. Do we think revolutionary causes always belong tucked safely away in a book or...
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