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Top 5 Reader Questions...

This week I am out each night, either reading from THE ENTIRE EARTH AND SKY, or talking to book groups about the book. It is a strange and wonderful piece of the writing life: Meeting the readers. I guess we all imagine these people while we write. How would someone who has never seen a glacier get it with language? Scale? Color? Shape? What are the sensory words that make it make sense once transferred from Earth to letters on page?  Top Five Questions from THE ENTIRE EARTH AND SKY Readers? 1) Do you think it is ethically sound to go to Antarctica as a tourist? (37,000+ voted yes on this in 2007-08). 2) What is your favorite part of Antarctica? 3) Who works down there?  4) Do you like the movie, Happy Feet? (Asked by the 12 and under crowd. Not readers, usually tagging along with Mom and Dad.) 5) How did Frank Worsley find South Georgia with so little navigational information to set his course?
(All of these will be answered over the next few days...)