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Field Notes: The Chalice of the Snows

On a cold, windy September morning, the last Sunday in September, more than 100 people gathered in the Cathedral to watch the Chalice of the Snows returned to the care of Antarctican clergy. The chalice first headed south in 1839 with the formidable James Clark Ross, and these days divides the year between Christchurch and the Chapel of the Snows in Antarctica.  The prayer began in Maori, E te whanau a te Karaiti Brothers and sisters in Christ Today we remember with gratitude all those who have given their lives to exploration and science in Antarctica and we pray especially for those who travel south for the new season. May all that takes place in Antarctica this year, and in the time to come, respect the beauty, the mystery and fragility of God's creation. Make us, we pray, good stewards of Earth and sea... The program was light blue, decorated with black and white photographs. On the cover, an Emperor penguin, barrel chested, sheen of white feathers, indifferently standing in front of the icebreaker, Polar Star.