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Tom Smith, the GOP candidate for the US Senate in Pennsylvania, has just stepped in to clean up the pregnancy/”legitimate rape” kerfuffle created by his fellow Senate candidate, Todd Akin of Missouri. Smith condemned Akin’s infamous comment, yet agrees with Akin and the GOP platform that...
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When Obama caved in on regulating “too-big-to-fail” banks, health care insurance reform, Guantanamo, the debt ceiling fiasco, Bush-Cheney tax cuts, et. al., he did it thinking he could be sporadically engaged, let the rabid Right slap him around like a piece of cheap meat, settling for limp half...
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I had told the agent that I expected to have the "second edit" of my first novel done by January. This was last August. Broken promises seem to come naturally to a recovering politican. I've moved the crossbar back to late February. When told, if the agent's enthusiasm flagged, she hid it well....
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Democrats and liberal candidates, take off the frigging gloves! When the Republicans running against us for Congress—or the presidency—pledge themselves to Grover Norquist’s “No-Tax” pledge, they have preemptively disqualified themselves from taking the federal oath of office. That oath states [...
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I’ve been a “China hand” since 1978, when I wrote and pushed the first U.S.-PRC trade bill to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. I couldn’t have known it then but my ensuring whisker thin legislative defeat was short-lived. Six months later, China and the U.S. changed the...
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Unless you’ve been lost in Antarctica, you know that Tom Hanks’ flick, Charlie Wilson’s War, is based on the wildest sumbitch ever to serve in the modern Congress and how the oddly lovable, (alleged) cocaine-snorting, womanizing, Scotch-swilling swashbuckler from Lufkin, Texas, just about...
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