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Sweetly Broken
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Sitting on the floor of my shower. 

Hot beads of water mixing with my tears.

Steam of such warmth and comfort I dare not leave.

It is here that I release such emotion that the tile trembles.

Welling up from such a depth I realize that I am sweetly broken.

Lost and with out direction tho' only for a moment.

 I hear him calling, I hear him in the mist of the hot steam.

I hear him in the falling water of the shower.

I hear him say get up, I will carry you, I will be strong for you.

I hear him whisper it's ok, you are but sweetly broken.

Cracking with the weight of life. 

Shifting under the explosion of all the gifts of trials & tribulations,

the power of empathy & love,  the crushing blow of humility and failure.

The ah inspiring visions of our planet all of which are given freely

from birth to death, becoming worn yet beautiful with the pressure of time and experience. 

Today on my knees with ignorance and foolishness. 

 Tomorrow standing taller and  deeply wiser. 

Stumbling yet strong. 

Tripping yet still walking, I am but sweetly broken.

Guiding me up and out of the water, God hands me my towel

dries my tears, lifting the weight of my burden

Sadden yet unbeaten.

Greatly fearful yet lovingly hopeful.

I must continue on.

for I am sweetly broken. 



*I wrote this poem in about 30 seconds flat after the words "sweetly broken" entered my head after a tough couple of days. Pardon the lack of technique...*

I think the term for me sweetly broken is a metaphor for the powerful, painful and positive forces of life that only seem to break us, that only seem to shatter us and once you rise again against any painful moment of your precious life, one will find that yes damage has been done, yes some very ugly and yet some very beautiful... but not with out wisdom and yes your spirit maybe cracked and dented from the roughness of life but we are only sweetly broken. We are all served the passage of life, a path that is not easy, but a gift nonetheless with tests and challenges of our humanity, of our spirit. sweetly broken with meaningful and yes somewhere down deep and for unknown reasons...all for good intentions.