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Gratitude found on a lazy Sunday afternoon

Today was a gloriously lazy and unproductive day. The Christmas tree finally up, decorations and scented candles made my cabin style home the perfect retreat, the only place in the world I wanted to be. The gloomy, drizzly day was perfect for reading, cookie baking, snuggled up movie watching with my youngest daughter. I wandered in and out of the kitchen for the occasional snack and drifted in and out of catnaps induced by provoking thoughts and wonders."So what was it that the Virgin Mary did after her son died so heinously, where did her life and travels take her? What happened to Joseph"? Could I write historical fictional biography? Where would that trail take me? What would I learn?  I followed these contemplation's into conscious dreams and imaginary while floating on a couch of heirloom blankets and down pillows.

   At four thirty in the afternoon I decided that it wasn't to early or to late for coffee with Baileys and cream. I tried to read the Sunday paper but couldn't get past the comics. The current events seemed to heavy for such a day. I browsed my "inbox" simply to check on my son as I wondered about his day, pleasantly surprised to learn he'll be home by dinner time next Saturday.  My eldest daughter, pregnant with her son and bubbly and peaceful as ever stopped by to say goodbye on her way home after a weekend on the coast. Filling her car up with fresh baked cookies and other odds and ends, I wondered where our life would be in the next year. A new addition to our family, Lauren moving on to high school, my son continuing his education on the east coast. What new job awaits me? Will my marriage continue to mend?, scared yet healing.  What enchantments and tribulations will the new year bring? Then I hear it. The soul deep whisper....sssshhh... enjoy the now, learn from and deal with today's tribulations, sit back and see the enchantments and blessing that are now, that are today. Gratitude is a periscope to wisdom and wisdom is lesson learned and life in color.