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Favorite Books

To kill a Mocking bird,
Gordon Parks' "Half past autumn",
The count of Monte Cristo,
False Memory,
The Da Vinci Code,
The Pilots Wife,
Interview with a Vampire & The Vampire Lestat,
Letters to my Daughter,
The book of Secrets
and the Bible

What I'm Reading

Currently reading way too many books at once:
**My main Focus this Month
**Deepak Chopra's Book of Secrets,
Dean Koontz's Breathless,
**Stephen Hawking's The Grand Design,
Gretchen Rubin's The happiness project,
Annie Leibovitz's At work,
**Bill Roobach's Writing life stories

Favorite Authors

Mark Twain, Ann Rice, Dean Koontz, Alexandre Dumas, Rainer Maria Rilke, Anita Shreve,
Recently discovering Maya Angelou and Deepak Chopra

Leora Sanchez’s Bookmarks