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 It is imperative that you know your industry if you are going to be successful selling your product in the marketplace.

So you have an idea and want to know where to start.   You start first by visualizing the idea in its final resting place.    If you don't know where that is.. then now is a good time to find out.

Because the product and the industry go hand in hand.

What industry you will be selling your item to?   Start doing Google searches within that industry.

Start researching, documenting, printing and filing the information for future reference.

The size of the industry.

You need this information so that you  can find out  the  potential sales volume you could achieve within this industry.

Is the industry growing or declining? - by what percentage?

If the industry is in a growth spurt - buyers will be looking to add new products

If the industry is in a decline - this can also be an opportunity if your product is innovative enough to stimulate sales and breathe life into a tired industry.

What are the best selling items within this industry? 

This enables you to study consumer reaction to the category - what 's selling is - what your consumer wants.

Why are these items outselling others within the category?

What are your marketing opportunities within the industry?

What trade shows or events promote the products within the industry?

Keep all this information filed away in a 3 ring binder for quick reference.  Highlight the major points.

Become an expert in your industry.


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